Industrial Asset Management

Industrial and Infrastructure Asset Management is a systematic and coordinated activities and practices through which an industrial and infrastructures asset owners optimally and sustainably manages their  physical assets and their performance, risks and expenditures over their life cycles. This sector has significantly evolved in last few decades. Asset Management has evolved into multi-trillion dollar industry by integrating risks based asset strategies and Data Driven and Artificial Intelligent (AI) decision making capabilities.














Global Asset Care is offering complete Asset Management solutions.

Global asset care is providing complete Asset Management services from beginning to end. We bring expertise gained through working in one of the leading Canadian Oil & GAS integrated company. Our knowledge / expertise has been validated through over 500,000 assets.

  • Assessments
  • Build business cases.
  • Develop roadmaps,
  • Develop projects and get approvals,
  • Execution (validate through pilot, scale up to enterprise rollout
  • Tracking business values.
  • Sustainment) for industrial uses.

Please note, Global Asset Care specialist are in the process to develop libraries for all possible asset class.

  • Asset Strategy Library for approximate 400 plus class
  • Maintenance Procedure Library (approximate 1,000)
  • Maintenance Check sheets (approximate 1,000)
Asset Management Journey