Global Asset Care is offering Digital Transformation solutions- Digitally Enabled Assets (DEA).

The ‘Digitally Enabled Assets (DEA) can enable employees to improve personal and process safety, increase reliability and optimize cost performance of our assets.
By transforming the workforce with new competencies, and introducing new (business) processes, technology / tools, the DEA program can provide people with the reliable data that they need. With that, most value of the existing assets in terms of cost, reliability, and production can be achieved.
Global asset care is providing Digital Transformation solution focusing on DEA program. We bring expertise gained through working in one of the leading Canadian Oil & GAS integrated company.
We have firsthand experience in transforming business processes (simplification & standardization), evaluating, and selecting the right technology, converting ‘information’/document into quality data to enhance data-driven decision-making through advanced analytics (Machine Learning, Big Data), simplified governance structure focusing on sustainment at the outset of the project and finally transforming workforce of the future (THE PEOPLE).

Digital Enablement Journey