Who We Are?

Can’t find a purchasing receipt, eye or other medical prescriptions, maintenance / user manuals, model number/ serial number of your appliance when you need them? Ever paid penalties for missing automobile or business license renewal deadline? Went through a nightmare of furnace or water heater break-down in the middle of a freezing night because a scheduled  maintenance was missed? Well, you’re not alone. These mishaps are very common and costs more agony, cost, and inconvenience.

Good news! Global Asset Care (GAC) has a solution for you. Global Asset Care (GAC) is a pioneer in residential and commercial Asset Management.

All key individuals at Global Asset Care bring two decades of cross-functional experience in maintenance, reliability, operations and asset management in leading Oil & Gas, power generation, utilities, chemical / process plants, infrastructure, transits and manufacturing sectors.


Asset Management experts at GAC transformed their industrial asset management knowledge into residential and commercial, infrastructure assets management. GAC has developed an “Assets Management Application” for residential and commercial / infrastructures users. Key attribute of this application is

  • Simple to use for individuals with little or no knowledge of asset management
  • Can be accessible from anywhere
  • Fully integrated
  • Highly secured